Royce Fuchs

Major: Finance
Minor: Economics

Royce is from Crystal Lake IL where he attended Prairie Ridge High School. Royce joined the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu his freshman year has been very involved since. He has held a number of different positions ranging from philanthropy committee member, Vice President of New Membership and is currently the President of the Delta Chi Chapter.

Royce is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in finance with hopes of becoming a financial analyst one day. He is interested in trading stocks and keeping up to date with breaking news in the financial markets. In his free time he enjoys working out, watching sports, and enjoys spending time with his friends.

“Phi Gamma Nu has given me many unique opportunities to grow professionally, create lasting friendships, and give back to the community. Without my involvement in PGN, I would have never been exposed to the networking opportunities that landed me an internship. I recommend that all college of business students get involved in a student organization in order to develop professional skills and network outside the classroom.” -Royce Fuchs

Anthony is a Fifth-Year Senior from Streator, Illinois where he attended Streator Township High School. He went to Illinois Valley Community College for his first two years of college and transferred into Illinois State University his first semester junior year. He joined Phi Gamma Nu spring semester of his junior year and was part of the Delta Class. Anthony instantly became involved with the fundraising, new membership, philanthropy, and recruitment committees his first semester as an active member. He soon after became a Philanthropy Director in the Spring of 2017. These experiences aided in improving the skills he needed in order to be successful taking his leadership abilities a step further and becoming a Vice President of this fraternity.

Anthony is currently studying Accounting and Finance with a goal to become a CPA and work for a major record label. 

“Phi Gamma Nu has given me the ability to grow both professionally and socially. Without Phi Gamma Nu, I would not be the person I am today. I now have the confidence to talk to corporate recruiters that I didn’t have before Phi Gamma Nu. Phi Gamma Nu has allowed me to create some of the best friendships that I have ever had. Joining Phi Gamma Nu is the best decision I have made in my collegiate career and do not regret one second of it.”

Anthony Cunningham
VICE PRESIDENT of external affairs

Major: Accounting/Finance

James Rooney
vice president of new membership

Major: International Business
Concentration: Marketing

James is from Arlington Heights, IL where he attended Rolling Meadows High School. He joined the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu as a Sophomore and has held various positions since. He previously held positions on the marketing and philanthropy committees, he was the assistant pledge mentor on the New Membership Committee, and is currently the VP of New Membership of the Delta Chi Chapter.

James is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a concentration in Marketing and hopes to become an advertiser in the third-party marketing industry or an account manager in the logistics industry. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, watching sports, and playing video games.

“I first joined Phi Gamma Nu to meet new people and try new things. While it gave me the best friends that I have today, it also provided me with professional and networking skills that I would have never gotten in a classroom. In fact, the networking skills that I got from being in Phi Gamma Nu helped me acquire an internship for the Summer of 2017. Joining Phi Gamma Nu is by far the best decision I have made to this day.” -James Rooney

Bailey is from Litchfield, IL where she attended Litchfield High School. She joined Phi Gamma Nu her freshman year and has been a highly active member since. She held a campus ambassador position and now is the Vice President of Internal Affairs. Bailey is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with hopes to achieve a career in the banking world. In her free time, she enjoys running her photography business, traveling, and attending concerts.

“Phi Gamma Nu has helped shape me and will continue to shape me into the successful businesswoman that I strive to be.” -Bailey Fleming

Bailey Fleming
vice president of internal affairs

Major: Business Administration

Jake Leibfritz
vice president of communications

Major: Finance
Class of 2020

Jake Leibfritz is a sophomore at Illinois State University studying finance planning to attend law school after graduating from Illinois State University. He is from Lemont, Illinois and went to Lemont High School.  He played football and baseball and won a state championship as a pitcher in baseball. He joined Phi Gamma Nu the first semester of his freshman year as an epsilon. In the past, he has taken on the assistant marketing chair, intramural chair, and has been on the philanthropy and finance committees.

“I have gained so many professional skills through all of our workshops, speakers, interviews, corporate visits, and so much more. I have also made some of my best friends through PGN and love every second I get to spend with my brothers. There is so much potential and so many resources to help improve yourself. I would have never expected to be serving on the Executive board as a freshman, but this fraternity has given me the confidence and skills to shape me into the person I am today. PGN has done so much more for me than I would have ever expected. Joining Phi Gamma Nu is absolutely one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

Travis is from Morton, IL where he attended Morton High School. He joined Phi Gamma Nu, Delta Chi chapter, as a Freshman and has carried out multiple leadership roles. He has held positions such as Campus Ambassador, Rush Committee Member, and is currently the VP of Finance.
Travis is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with hopes to become a Financial Planner. He looks forward to building a strong client base in which he maintains a dedicated relationship with each individual client. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching just about any sport, working out, and being with friends.

“I joined Phi Gamma Nu with little knowledge of the business world, or of the career path options I had available. I was able to learn from the older, more-experienced actives to find a career that I would not only succeed in, but enjoy. Phi Gamma Nu taught me what it means to be professional and a leader. It has also given me lifelong friends that I can count on. I am a firm believer that joining Phi Gamma Nu was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”- Travis Kniep

Travis Kniep
vice president of finance

Major: Finance

Alex Swanson
vice president of marketing

Major: Finance
 Class of 2019

Alex is from Naperville, IL where he attended Neuqua Valley High School.Alex joined the Delta Chi Chapter of Phi Gamma Nu his freshman year andhas been very active and held multiple leadership positions since then, including delta pledge class president, and social chair. 

Alex is currently studying Finance in hopes of becoming a financialanalyst or financial planner in the future. He enjoys spending time tradingstocks, working out, spending time with friends, and enjoying the outdoors.

"Phi Gamma Nu has been a life changer for me. Everyday I wake up and follow our three pillars, professionalism, social, and philanthropy. Phi Gamma Nu has helped me grow professionally and make connections and relationships with a wide variety of people. The brotherhood of Phi Gamma Nu is something that you can not find anywhere else and I cherish it each and everyday. Without a doubt Phi Gamma Nu is one of the best decisions I have ever made."